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Current OZ Sellers Tip 15% Growth From Amazon Marketplace

Aussie-based Amazon sellers who already have products on the global website, are tipping a 15% increase in business when the site goes live locally later this month.

At its first Marketplace Seller Summit in Sydney today, a panel discussion featuring four Australian-based businesses who already sell products via Amazon, outlined the positives of trading on the international e-commerce platform.

The sellers – KoalaSafe, Hip Cub, Third Sigma and Gobe – believe that there is a big future ahead for their and other new businesses who take up the challenge of Amazon Marketplace.

Adam Mills Co-Founder of KidSafe – developer of a product which automatically embeds parental controls to a household’s internet service – affirms that Amazon’s marketplace is a great way to test a product, at a comparatively lower cost.

Owners of all four Aussie businesses agreed that Amazon’s fulfilment processes have been essential to the success of their enterprises.

All the panellists agreed that had Amazon already been in operation in Australia when they commenced selling, business operations would have been significantly easier.


 The panellists currently sell across Asia and Europe, and are raring to grow the Australian arm of their business once Amazon launches locally.

Panellists agreed that the introduction of Amazon Australia would likely birth an ‘instant’ 10% – 15% increase in revenues.

Christian Gibson, Owner of Gobe – an eco-friendly camera accessories manufacturer – claims that sales jumped from $10,000 a month to $300,000 a month after the organisation commenced selling on Amazon Marketplace two years prior.

Kevin Lippy Co-Owner of Hip Cub – a company which makes stylish nappy bags – states he can’t wait for Amazon to launch, both as a seller and a consumer.

Seller of anti ageing skin care, Liz Cassidy, believes that Australian-based Amazon sellers typically “bat above their average”, and that the representation of Aussie sellers at Amazon’s international conferences far exceeds that expected from a smaller country as Australia.

Cassidy added that Amazon’s customer service operations have also provided her with the lifestyle freedom she craves.

All the panellists affirmed that they would be eager to replace their Australian logistic operations with Amazon’s fulfilment services.

“With the access and reach of Amazon Marketplace, our Australian business has been able to enter a number of countries, including Canada and the UK, which we could have never done on our own. We hope today that we have demonstrated how simple it is to sell on Amazon and how beneficial it can be for a business”, states Hip Cub’s Kevin Lippy.

Concerning the level of IT prowess needed to operate Amazon’s platform, the panellists agreed that no highly technical expertise was needed.

Kevin of Hip Cub affirmed that sellers only required a willingness to learn and adapt, noting that there is no book which can provide all the information.

KoalaSafe’s Adam Mills believes that if sellers aim to match Amazon’s Ethos which focuses on putting customers first, they are likely to succeed.

Gobe’s Gibson states that Amazon’s ability to handle after-sales services such as product returns has made his work-life-balance extremely flexible.

While the ambience at Amazon’s first Australian Marketplace Seller Summit remains largely positive, time will tell whether Amazon will be able to deliver on Aussie sellers’ expectations.

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