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Amazon Launches Next Gen Echo Show, Subwoofer & Smart Speakers

Amazon Australia has taken on the likes of Google, JBL and Lenovo, by launching its new ‘Echo Show’ down under, alongside next generation Echo smart speakers, and its new ‘Echo Sub’ subwoofer.

The new ‘Echo Show’ competes with Lenovo’s Smart Display (A$299 & A$399), JBL’s Link View and Google’s rumoured ‘Hub’.

Amazon has opened pre-orders on its Australian website, with release scheduled October 11.

The Echo Show is available in either ‘Charcoal’ or ‘Sandstone’ fabric, featuring a 10-inch HD screen, far-field voice control, dual 2-inch premium drivers, and Dolby processing.

Like other Echo speakers, users can ask Alexa to make calendar reminders, turn on/off smart lights, play music and more, however, its 10-inch screen also displays visual information and/or videos.

The in-built 5MP camera facilitates video chatting and streaming (e.g. “Hey Alexa, play The Grand Tour”, “Hey Alexa, play Fox Sports”, “Hey Alexa, call Mum on Skype”) and integrates with compatible security cameras.

The Echo Show is also marketed a kitchen accessory, allowing users to follow video recipes by listing ingredients – e.g. “Hey Alexa, what can you cook with lentils, tomatoes, kale and carrot?”.

Unlike Lenovo’s Smart Display, the Echo Show does not feature a manual camera shutter. Amazon claims it incorporates internal measures to ensure the camera remains off when inactive.

“The microphone and camera are electrically disconnected by pushing the microphone/camera on/off button at the top of the device. A red LED indicator light will appear on the front of Echo Show to show the camera and microphone have been turned off,” asserts an Amazon spokesperson.

Amazon claims Alexa integration will continue to grow, with over 17,000 skills in Australia – e.g. with Westpac Bank and Virgin Airlines.

The revamped Echo Dot remains Amazon’s most affordable smart speaker, and claims to be 70% louder than its predecessor.

Users can connect multiple Echo smart speakers into multi-room system, enhanced with the new Echo Sub.

Full product specifications below, with further information available on Amazon’s website here.


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