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Amazon Installing Alexa Into Nursing Homes

Amazon has announced a new initiative as part of its Alexa Smart Properties that will bring everyone’s favourite robot to nursing home bedsides, in a bid to reduce the need for face-to-face interactions and streamline small taks.

While this may, at first glance, be seen as a dehumanising move, nursing homes are stretched to the limit when it comes to staffing, and a system that can take care of minor things is welcomed.

The system is designed specifically for the needs of senior living communities and healthcare facilities, and “simplifies deploying and managing Alexa-enabled devices at scale, helping properties offer customized Alexa experiences for residents and patients, and increase care team productivity and operational efficiency,” according to a press announcement from Amazon.

“We believe the intuitive and accessible nature of voice and Alexa has the potential to help and delight customers in many scenarios, in and outside of the home,” said Liron Torres, Head of Alexa Smart Properties, Amazon.

“We’re excited to extend the experiences customers already love to senior living communities and healthcare systems, and give providers new ways to save time and personalise care for their patients and residents.”

Alexa Smart Properties also makes it easier for family to keep in touch, and allows the patients to connect with their community and access community news.

Alexa will streamline activities like check-ins, field requests for maintenance, and administrative tasks, again, aimed at saving time and increasing productivity.

“We’ve consistently moved to put our residents in the position to live their best lives, now,” said John A. Moore, Chairman and CEO of Atria Senior Living.

“Technology has played a critical role in this effort. When you combine our resident and family app with the deployment of Alexa Smart Properties in our communities, seniors have an even greater ability to write the next chapter of their lives through easy-to-use technology that keeps them engaged and connected to their families at all times.”


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