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Amazon Echo Network Wireless Speaker Comes Out On Top In New Audio Benchmarking Test

Smartphone camera testing group DxOMark has announced new benchmark testing for wireless speakers with the Amazon Echo and the Harman Kardon Citation 200 coming out on top in their first evaluation of products in this category.

DxOMark moved to test the quality of wireless smart speakers and has recently posted charts containing numerous devices with their respective scores.

The speakers have been divided into two tables, with the essential chart containing speakers with an RRP costing no more than $200 and the advanced chart for speakers that cost between $350 and $550.

There are plans to incorporate a third chart for premium devices that cost over $800 in the near future.

Heading the essential list of speakers is the Amazon Echo Studio speaker on 124 points.

This device was subject to an extensive battery test that checked it for sound quality in timbre, spatial, dynamics, volume, and artifacts.

DxOMark said that they have put together a special anechoic chamber that utilizes a bespoke testing playlist to make sure all the speakers are evaluated fairly and without external or subjective influences.

The Amazon Echo Studio performed especially well in the timbre section.

As for the pricier speakers, it was the Harman Kardon Citation 200 that came out on top of the Advanced chart with 147 points, edging the Google Home Max into second position on 145 points.

The Harman Kardon Citation was rated the better speaker, the Google Home Max demonstrated its qualities in the volume and spatial tests, making it an ideal speaker for a party situation or in a particularly large space.


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