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Amazon Echo Buds 2023 Get Software Update

Amazon released multiple Echo products earlier this year, but the 3rd Gen Echo Buds, named Amazon Echo Buds, are getting a new software update.

The update will bring forth new features, including a tap-to-start playlist.

The user can tap on the earbuds to begin a suggested playlist, removing the need to pull a phone out, or ask Alexa out loud.

Playlists can be started with a single long press, or triple tap, and this can be customised in Alexa’s app settings.

The user just has to open the app, go to Echo Buds device settings, and search for the audio customisation choices.

Amazon claims the way to get the playlist is by contacting “your preferred audio provider,” however, the functionality seems compatible with all of the main streaming services. To start, search for ‘Tap Controls’ in the Echo Buds device settings.

Also available via the new software update is a new audio personalisation feature that allows the user to adjust the sounds and their physical surroundings, including adjusting frequencies to emphasise bass.

Each ear can also be tuned separately, so they can have different frequency ranges at the same time.

Amazon says the setup takes around four minutes, and that the 2023 model and 2021 2nd Gen Echo Buds are compatible with this capability.

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