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AI Playlist Feature Debuted By Amazon

Amazon Music is set to join Spotify as a streaming service that will offer a generative AI playlist feature.

Called Maestro, this feature is currently available on iOS and Android in beta to a small number of Amazon Music users in the US.

Those included in the beta will see Maestro on their home screen when they update the app to the latest version.

It can also be accessed by tapping the plus button, which will then create a new playlist.

How the playlist is expected to work is by using natural language prompts to create whatever kind of playlist the user chooses.

Prompts can include sounds, activities, emotions, and emojis.

Amazon has suggested the user could ask Maestro to create a playlist of tracks that sound like the robot emoji, or “😭 and eating 🍝,” “Make my 👶 a genius,” “Myspace era hip-hop” and, “Music my grandparents made out to.”

These suggested prompts seem like Maestro is ready to handle whatever is thrown its way.

Amazon has clarified the technology is still in beta though, and might not get things right straightaway.

The company said it has safeguards in place to prevent the use of offensive language and inappropriate prompts.

Maestro is expected to roll out over time. Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers will be able to listen and save the playlists instantly, whereas Prime members and users on the ad-supported free tier will be able to listen to 30-second previews before they can save the playlist.

Spotify debuted a similar feature earlier this month, for Premium members in Australia and the UK, which work the same way as Maestro.

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