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Amazon Brings Counterfeit Transparency Program To Australia

Amazon has launched its Transparency program into Australia and Japan, as the e-commerce giant seeks to fight counterfeit products from reaching customers.

According to Nasdaq, around 100,000 brands have reportedly signed onto the initiative, including LG Electronics USA, Skullcandy and Spectrum Brands.

Amazon’s Transparency program launched two years ago, and is a tech-driven solution that allows brands to uniquely identify each unit manufactured, and prevent fake goods reaching customers.

Participating brands receive unique QR styled codes that allow Transparency to authenticate and track each enrolled item, with the aim of stopping counterfeits before they’re delivered.

Customers will also gain the ability to check authenticity via a mobile app code, regardless of where they purchased the item.

Amazon states that the program has prevented around 500,000 suspected counterfeit products from reaching customers in the two years of its operation.

The Transparency Program is active in other locations such as Germany, India, Canada, UK and the US.

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