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Amazon Brand Value Strong As Apple & Google Plummet

The renowned annual Harris Reputation Quotient has revealed Google and Apple’s brand value significantly dropped in the last year – a fact some commentators are attributing to a lack of innovative and ‘attention-grabbing’ products.

By contrast, Amazon retained its top spot for the third consecutive year.

The annual poll surveys over 25,000 American adults, and involves questions about the “most visible” corporate brands.

During the year, Apple’s position plummeted from #5 to #29. As a matter of contrast, only a few years earlier, Apple ranked #2.

Google also notched a similar result, falling from #8 to #28.

CEO of the Harris Poll, John Gerzema, claims the results are the effect of a post Steve Jobs Apple.

The news is especially interesting, considering Apple release its tenth-anniversary smartphone, the iPhone X, last year. The device has reportedly undersold original forecasts.

Speaking to Reuters, Gerzema states “Google and Apple, at this moment, are sort of in valleys”.

By contrast, Gerzema asserts Amazon’s increasing expansion in e-commerce and physical footprint (such as its acquisition of American grocery chain Whole Foods) has enabled it to cement its top spot.

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