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All The Changes Coming To Alexa, Including A Male Voice

Amazon Alexa has been updated with a slew of new entertainment features, alongside the many new development tools announced at the Alexa Live 2021 virtual conference.

Most excitingly, Alexa now has a new manly companion named ‘Ziggy’. Simply say, ‘Alexa, change your voice’, and a deep-voiced companion will take over. ‘Ziggy’ can also be used as a wake world.

Amazon will also be introducing celebrity voices to Alexa, including Shaquille O’Neal, and Melissa McCarthy.

Amazon Music will have a new ‘Spotlight’ feature, where listeners can access bonus content, liner notes, and other extra information about their favourite records.

A new Song Request component means digital radio listeners can request a song using Alexa, and DJs can honour that request. iHeartRadio will be the first to implement this feature; no doubt other digital radio stations will follow suit.

A new Shared Acitivites API means game developers will be able to include Alexa-powered commands and interaction into multiplayer games.

Food delivery will also be given a boost, with a number of new commands through delivery services, as well as real time updates on your order.

Event-Based Triggers and Proactive Suggestions features will make your smart home even smarter, reminding you to water the plants, locking your door once your phone leaves, and other such helpful features.

You can even start a conversation with Alexa through your Echo Dot, leave, and then continue the same convo through Alexa on your mobile.

With a number of development tools making it easier for creators to use Alexa, no doubt Alexa will continue to be used in many more weird and wonderful ways.


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