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‘Alexa, I’m Getting Pulled Over’ – Amazon Dash Cam Will Record Traffic Stops

The new Amazon Ring car camera has a feature which will record traffic stops with the voice-activated trigger: “Alexa, I’m getting pulled over.”

The $200 (AUD$285) dash cam will automatically start recording via the voice command when motorists are being flagged down by the police and will also send a notification to a designated emergency contact about the stop.

The device, which is developed by Ring, also has built-in sensors which monitor for bumps or attempted car theft and will also call for help if the driver is involved in a crash.

With its dual-facing HD cameras, users can see a live view and check-in on what’s happening in and around the vehicle from anywhere over WiFi or LTE.

“Traffic stops can be a time when having video is important, so that everyone remains on their best behaviour,” Ring’s head of mobile products, Nathan Ackerman, told CNET. “So, we developed a feature to support that.”

The dash cam device comes as Amazon also faces widespread criticism for sharing surveillance footage from home cameras with law enforcement in the US.

In August it was reported over 200 police departments allegedly partnered with Amazon and Ring to request footage via an interactive map in the “Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal.”

Ring, Amazon’s home security developers, also unveiled a drone security camera at the company’s hardware event which will fly around the home.

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