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ALDI Unveils Sodastream Spirit For $70

German supermarket giant, ALDI, has unveiled a Sodastream Spirit drink carbonator for just $69.99 as part of its December 8 ‘Special Buys’ sale.

Available in black or red, the machine includes a 60L gas cyclinder and 1L PET bottle.

Optional accessories such as 440mL Sodastream syrups are also included in the December 8 Special Buys sale for $4.49 each.

Flavours include cola, lemon lime and ginger beer.

ALDI is also offering a pack of 2 x 1L Sodastream carbonating bottles for $8.99.

By contrast, retailers such as Harvey Norman are currently selling the Sodastream Spirit for $99, with syrups for $5.95/each.

[Harvey Norman]

Catering to hot and cold drinks alike, ALDI has also unveiled a 15bar Italian pump Espresso Machine for $149.

The machine has a 1.6L water capacity, with a swivel stream wand, cup warming tray, plus single and double cup advanced crema system.

Accessories included with the machine are a 500mL milk jug, measuring spoon with tamp, steel porta filter, plus 2 cleaning pins and 2 stainless steel filters.

Further information is available on ALDI’s website¬†here.

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