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EXCLUSIVE:Thousands Of Netregistry Customers Hit By Blackban

EXCLUSIVE:Thousands Of Netregistry Customers Hit By Blackban

 The black ban  issue which has been ongoing for over a week.
Staff at TPP Wholesale told ChannelNews that there is nothing they can do about the issue as “the matter is out of our hands” they have also admitted that TPP is a sister Company of the former Netregistry.  

Those affected are the thousands of Companies who are described as former Netregistry reseller.
A statement on the TPP Wholesale web site reads “We are continuing to work with the DNSBL holder to remove our services from the DNS Black List. Accounts identified as sending spam from our SMTP servers have been suspended and the account holders notified. We are currently awaiting action from the DNSBL holder to remove our SMTP servers from the black list”.

They claim that all prior Netregistry customers who without their knowledge were shifted to the TPP Wholesale Cloud Email Hosting SMTP servers (smtp.partnerconsole.net) are affected. 

After a week of problems and back and forth support calls TPP Wholesale support staff finally admitted that their smtp.partnerconsole.net email server (the server used by Cloud Hosting customers to send out emails) has been listed on several DNSBLs (DNS-based Blackhole List).

 The result of these listings is that some email recipients (the ones who have subscribed to the specific lists our server is listed on) may block emails sent from our email servers. 

They claim that the reason for their server getting listed on these DNSBLs is due to a number of customers email accounts having sent out spam emails from our SMTP servers.

TPP Wholesale claim that they have taken action to suspend these email accounts and have informed their account owners of what action they must take to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

TPP Wholesale are refusing to say whether they will compensate customers whose businesses have been affected by their problems.

TPP Wholesale claim that if a business is affected by the black ban they recommend that customers use their ISP’s outgoing mail servers to send out emails while they wait for the DNSBLs to completely de-list their servers. 

Last month Netregistry and Melbourne IT merged into one Company. Melbourne IT were not available to comment.

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