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Aftershokz Nets New Aussie Distribution Deal

Aftershokz has inked a deal with Brisbane-based Dynamic Supplies Technology (DS Tech) to distribute its bone-conduction headphone range in Australia.

The move will see DS Tech distribute Aftershokz to its certified retail partners. The bone conduction headphones work by transmitting sound through the cheekbones directly into the inner ears, bypassing the eardrums completely and leaving the ear canals completely open.

According to Kieran Adams, Australia/New Zealand Sales Director Aftershokz, the brand has enjoyed strong growth in Australia so far.

“We look forward to building on our momentum by collaborating with Dynamic Supplies Technology, especially with the recent launch of our highly successful Open Comm ‘Work From Home’ product.

“With their extensive customer base across Office Supplies, Carrier Stores and Consumer Electronics retail chains, we have confidence in their ability to support our needs as we expand our dealer network both locally and across the ditch in New Zealand,” he said.

Dean Kendall, General Manager at Dynamic Supplies Technology, hailed Aftershokz as the market leader in bone conduction technology and said DS Tech was thrilled to work with the brand.

“We might be the new kids on the block in the consumer electronics distribution space, but we have the backing of one of the largest office supplies distributors in the market with seven warehouses across Australia and New Zealand.

“I’m confident this Aftershokz collaboration will be a huge success,” he said.

Afterhokz markets itself as a safe alternative to traditional sport headphones and earbuds, given it allows users to remain alert and aware of sounds around them.

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