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Adobe Brings Illustrator To iPad After Photoshop Debacle

Adobe has rolled-out Illustrator for iPad amidst growing demand for creative applications on mobile devices. The news follows a formerly challenging roll-out for Photoshop on the tablet.

The company affirms Illustrator has been reimagined specifically for the iPad, pledging both professional-level functionality and a simple user interface.

The app roll-out was announced as part of Adobe’s virtual MAX creative conference, alongside a plethora of new applications specifically made for phones and tablets.

It comes as shares in Adobe continue to rise – up 50% this year alone, recently closing at $495.20.

The launch of Illustrator for iPad follows the early panning of Photoshop on the tablet device, with the company since rectifying features based on user feedback.

Adobe claims the debacle confirmed the importance of testing mobile applications for a longer time, before mass roll-out to consumers.

The company has continued to view a jump on mobile application functionality as a commercial opportunity, however, remains committed to its free platforms which entice users to upgrade to paid formats.


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