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Adobe Announce Real Photoshop Coming to iPad

Adobe is finally releasing a version of “real Photoshop” on iPads as part of its Creative Cloud subscription service. Plus, they are developing Project Gemini, a new app designed specifically for professionals, painters, and illustrators.

Adobe is finally launching a suite of iPad apps for graphic designers and artists including a full version of Photoshop.

The iPad app will be closely integrated with Photoshop on desktop computers as it shares the same code base and will be able to open Photoshop “PSD” files.

The biggest news from the announcement is Project Gemini —  an upcoming app that Adobe is building and bringing to iPad Pro that is specifically geared towards design professionals who use high-powered tablets.

Project Gemini provides a focus on different ‘brushes’ that can turn your stylus into a range of different paints and drawing tools including watercolours, oils, and pastels – opening up your artistic capabilities on the iPad.

Project Gemini isn’t available yet, however, Adobe is looking for beta testers and professional illustrators to test the app.

Business Insider reports that Adobe plans to launch Project Gemini for other platforms with high-quality stylus support, like Microsoft Windows.

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