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Acer Jacket Protects From The Elements And Microbes

Beyond the antimicrobial finishes on new laptops, monitors and tablets through Acer, the company are expanding their protective portfolio with the Eco-Shell Protective Jacket, helping keep wearers clear of germs.

Besides looking good, the Eco-Shell is breathable but still water-resistant, and it includes a transparent PET hoodie cover that helps prevent aerosol droplets coming into contact with your face.

Proving its worth as a travel essential, it features two front pockets large enough to fit your phone or passport. It’s also comfortable, with a soft leather-like texture.

As for its antimicrobial capabilities, the inside of the jacket is lined with silver fabric, made from a yarn that has silver adhered to it, which means microbes won’t attach to it.

The Eco-Shell is also eco-friendly, as it’s made partly from the extracts of spent coffee grounds, meaning 26 per cent of the material is the result of extracting coffee oil from the grounds, turning it into coffee oil polyol then synthesizing that into a PU film for use as fabric.

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