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A New Snapdragon Notebook Platform Tipped To Boost CE & PC Retailers Revenues

A new era could be dawning for CE and PC retailers after Qualcomm announced its new Snapdragon X Elite platform for notebooks, with Lenovo set to deliver a new model mid-year running Elite X1E78100 which is a powerful a 12-core processor with an 8+4 core configuration.

This is a processor from a Company that made its name delivering processors for top end smartphones including the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, now they are having a crack at the notebook market.

Currently the PC category is struggling, however there is confidence that 2024 will see an end to the slump in sales with some JB Hi Fi stores reporting that notebook sales are outperforming TV sales already this year.

Recently IDC research revealed that global notebook shipments are forecast to reach 265.4 million units in 2024, up 2.0% from the prior year.

Earlier this week Qualcomm again confirmed that Snapdragon X Elite laptops are coming mid-year with Lenovo already listing a new generation of models configured with AI and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Qualcomm claims that its Snapdragon X Elite will outperform multiple Intel Core i7 processors on the Geekbench 6 benchmark that measures multi-threaded performance.

There is also no mention of single-thread performance, which is an area where Intel’s processors are traditionally very strong.

Additional charts claim to show the X Elite chip beating AMD’s Ryzen 9 7940HS on GPU benchmarks, with the same ambiguous “relative performance” as the y-axis claims Notebook Check.

The last GPU listing was for a Lenovo laptop with an “83ED” now there is a new codename is new Lenovo “4810UV0100.” listing that reveal the use of the Snapdragon X Elite X1E78100.

It’s a 12-core processor with an 8+4 core configuration.

The Lenovo notebook scored 11,392 points in multi-core and 1,682 points in single-core tests of Geekbench 6.2.

The scores are close to what Qualcomm claimed that they could deliver with this new processor. claimed before.

Qualcomm has also announced a new technology called Snapdragon Seamless. In Qualcomm’s words, this is “a cross-platform technology that enables Android, Windows, and Snapdragon devices using other operating systems to discover each other and share information to work as one integrated system.”

Users will be able to drag and drop files and windows, across multiple devices, share screens, or have their earbuds automatically switch between them.

Seamless is incorporated into Snapdragon’s mobile platforms; current partners include Microsoft, Google, Dell, and Lenovo.

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