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Acer Founder Calls For Globalised Subsidiaries

Acer Founder, Stan Shih, has reportedly called for the internationalisation of Acer’s new business subsidiaries, affirming it will provide the best opportunity for development.

According to Taiwanese-trade publication, DigiTimesShih asserts Acer’s subsidiaries should have ‘international market potential’, and capitalise on Acer’s global brand and marketing channels.

Shih affirms Acer now has a mechanism to integrate existing subsidiaries, whilst paving the way for future additions.

Acer Group’s current business operations consist of three major divisions – PC, virtual reality/gaming devices and new business operated by subsidiaries.

Current subsidiaries, Weblink International (an IT/software sales agent) and Acer Cyber Security (a managed information security provider) are focused on the Taiwanese market, however, Shih asserts can tap into the overseas market.

Acer’s new business subsidiaries reportedly cover a wide breadth, including artificial intelligence in medical technology.

Chairman, Jason Chen, asserts the company is working with Taiwanese hospitals to develop ‘super computers’ to detect genetic mutation faster than usual.


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