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ACCC Warns Telcos To Stop Overselling NBN Speeds

The ACCC claims some Oz telcos are still advertising misleading NBN speeds, following Telstra and Optus’ recent decision to compensate thousands of users, after failing to deliver promised speed levels.

ACCC Chairman, Rod Sims, has warned Optus & Telstra’s rivals to stop overselling their NBN plans, asserting that some consumers are still being mislead:

“The remainder of the industry continues to advertise internet plans using unhelpful speed ranges”

“We have serious concerns about that and will be considering whether there is potential for misleading conduct that would constitute a breach of the CCA [Competition and Consumer Act]”.

The news comes after the regulator announced its $6.5 million broadband speed monitoring program, scheduled to roll out next month. British monitoring provider, SamKnows, has been appointed to deliver the program.

The company will oversee the delivery of NBN speed delivery across 4000 Australian homes over the next four years.

Consumer group, ACCAN, has reportedly welcomed the decision, affirming that the monitoring program will enable consumers to better select NBN plans for their requirements.

ACCAN has also praised the ACCC’s crackdown on NBN speed advertising, considering the recent soar in NBN-related complaints:

“There is an obvious need for clear and realistic consumer information on what to expect from broadband services”.

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