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Soundz Like Rdio: Sonos $9 Music Hits OZ

Soundz Like Rdio: Sonos $9 Music Hits OZ

Sonos users in Australia and New Zealand can now enjoy unlimited, on-demand music from its ‘social music service’ Rdio, it announced today.

The streaming service allows you to browse through a 12 million song library and similar to JB Hi-Fi’s Now music service, lets you discover and search for other tunes and artists via “heavy rotation” which shows what other Rdio users are listening to.

You can also share tracks you dig on Twitter and Facebook, create your own personal playlists and Sonos HiFi can be controlled from an Android smartphone, iPhone and iPad.

So, how much for Rdio?

$12.90 per month for “unlimited web and mobile streaming” say Sonos, while lesser price of $8.90 gives you unlimited web streaming. It’s slightly pricier than the JB HiFi’s service, although JB’s price also includes multiple devices but offers a lesser number of tracks.

 “Our goal at Sonos is to provide music lovers with access to all the music on the planet,” said John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos. Rdio is available in 65 countires globally and was created by some of the the same folks who thought up Skype.

“By continually adding innovative services like Rdio to the experience, Sonos customers will be able to discover and enjoy unlimited music possibilities in any room of their home.”

Sonos are also giving a free week long trial of the new service.

The US owned Hi-Fi giant are also pushing its PLAY:3 ($419) and PLAY:5 ($599) all-in-one digital player, which will deliver instant wireless setup.

Sonos players already offer 100,000 free global Internet radio stations, shows and podcasts, as well as popular music services like AUPEO!, Songl, Stitcher and Wolfgang’s Vault.