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A/NZ CIOs Seen As Crucial In Making Companies Resilient

Some 54% of CIOs in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) have upgraded their IT software and cybersecurity and implemented new IT systems – compared with 40% of global CIOs, a significant increase from 2018, according to a new Gartner report.

Gartner said the next challenge CIOs face is looming disruptions, such as an economic recession, natural disaster or data breach. These disruptions will force them to take action if they want their company to emerge stronger.

Researchers gathered data from 1000 CIOs in 64 countries and all major industries, including 72 in A/NZ.

Gartner says around 93% of A/NZ enterprises have experienced a turn that upset normal operations, such as severe operating-cost pressures, political upheavals, leadership turnover and adverse regulatory interventions.

Its research found that A/NZ organisations are more likely than the global average to have experienced severe funding shortfalls – and only a quarter of those enterprises are said to be equipped to withstand a crisis.

Gartner said the CIO role will remain critical in leading their enterprises through such crises and transformations and need to take specific actions now to increase their organisation’s fitness if they want to grow stronger and more competitive.

IT budgets for A/NZ enterprises are expected to increase 2.1% in 2020, but Garnet warns that companies with a low IT budget could suffer permanent structural damage following a disruption.

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