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LG Cranks Up Gaming Monitor + Projector Range, Big Growth Tipped

LG Cranks Up Gaming Monitor + Projector Range, Big Growth Tipped

According to GFK both markets are witnessing a resurgence as
console gamers move to PC gaming and projectors are seen as a lost cost means
to deliver a big high content experience in a home or office.


LG who are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of
display screens believes that gamers are ready to step up to a new generation
of display screens that include new Sync technology.


LG is first vendor to deliver AMD’s FreeSync monitor technology
to a 21:9 display.


Freesync is AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s G-Sync, which
diminishes on-screen tearing and input lag in games by better syncing the
display with the graphics card inside your PC.


The 34-inch 34UM67 has a 3440 x 1440 pixel-resolution which
provides a wider field of view than 16:9 monitors and can deliver better
rendering of images by lightening up dark spots when gaming.


The initially unconventional resolution is supported by an increasing
number of games, including Battlefield 4 and World of Warcraft.


The inclusion of AMD’s FreeSync support means that the
34UM67 should make games run smoother by syncing with the graphics card(s) to
prevent screen tearing, which occurs when the GPU is pumping out more frames
than the monitor’s refresh rate can handle.


The 34UM67 has an IPS panel and shares a similar
“floating crystal stand” design with LG’s 34UM95.


Its other features of interest to gamers include a Black
Stabilizer to light up dark scenes and a Dynamic Action Sync mode that
minimises input lag to give gamers a competitive edge. There’s no word on
pricing or availability just yet.


In the projector market LG is rolling out several new models
that include the PH300 which is a portable that can easily be dropped into a
bag when going to a business meeting.


The new projector boasting a rechargeable battery capable of
providing up to 2.5 hours of battery life, with support for video through
either an MHL cable – think phone or tablet – with media also able to beep
lugged into a USB drive and run directly from the projector at up to high
definition resolution at 1280?720 (720p).


Battery life is said to be 30,000 hours of use because of
new LED technology that delivers better battery life.


There is also a larger PW800 that delivers a HD image at
1280?800 instead of 1280?720 found in the smaller projector.


Also built into this model is a HD TV tuner.


A new PF1500G LG projector that has two conventional HDMI
ports, MHL, Miracast, WiDi, and up to 3 metres of screen size capability at
1920?1080 resolution has been launched, the projector delivers 30,000 hours of
lamp life and is 3D enabled.


The PH 800 is $899 the PW800 and PW800G (without the tuner)
are priced at $1199 and $1099 respectively, and the PF1500G is $1999.


“Our range of monitors has been a particular highlight in
our product range in the past couple of years,” said Lambro Skropidis, General
Manager of Marketing at LG in Australia.


“Last year we saw some incredible new technologies in our
monitors and when we thought we were at the peak, we’ve improved them yet
again. LG really is setting the pace for the monitor market.”


To help “set that pace” as Skropidis says, the monitors
being launched this week are all relatively wide, offering curves as well.