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Jawbone Expands Tracker Family With UP3 And UP Move

Jawbone Expands Tracker Family With UP3 And UP MoveThe slim-design UP3 wristband (designed by industrial designer Yves Behar) is billed by Jawbone as the “most advanced activity tracker known to man”, equipped with a multi-sensor platform that collects and analyses a range of biometric signals.

This is achieved via a new tri-axis accelerometer, sophisticated bioimpedance sensors, and skin and ambient temperature sensors, with Jawbone stating the UP3 is designed to deliver resting heart rate, a key indicator of overall heart health.

Be it running, cross-training or tennis, the UP3 is designed to automatically identify workouts and classify activities, with the UP app drawing on this information and recognising many popular activities.

The app’s Smart Coach feature subsequently uses the information to deliver personalised guidance and challenges.

At work around the clock, the UP3 captures detailed sleep stages, including REM, light and deep sleep, providing in-depth information on sleep patterns and what can be done to improve sleep quality.

With up to seven days battery life and water resistance of up to 10 metres, the UP3 features a durable anodised aluminium framework, with Jawbone stating it is “one of the only trackers available that achieves true 24/7 wearability”.

Travis Bogard, Jawbone vice president of product management and strategy, stated Jawbone’s mission was to “create the world’s most powerful activity tracker in the smallest possible design”.

“Our advanced, multi-sensor platform delivers a huge amount of new health data, backed by our smart algorithms and highly personalised Smart Coach system,” Bogard stated. “And because UP3 is fully updateable, we’re able to unveil new features and experiences in the coming months.”  

Meanwhile, the UP Move entry-level tracker also monitors daytime activity and sleep patterns.

A built-in accelerometer counts daily steps, while at night the pod-style Move also tracks sleep, including hours slept and sleep quality.

Made from nylon-like anodised aluminum, the LED display Move comes with a replaceable battery that lasts up to six months.

“Incorporating the same best-in-class lifestyle and activity tracking features of our UP and UP24 bands, the UP Move tracker combines style, versatility and comfort with highly accurate tracking and personalised guidance,” Bogard stated of the Move.

Available in black diamond and silver cross, and carrying a price tag of $229.99, Jawbone states the UP3 will be coming this summer.

The UP Move, featuring tracker and clip colour combinations including black burst – black clip, blue burst – fog clip, grape rose – purple clip, ruby rose – red punch clip, and slate rose – yellow clip, will be available beginning in later November, carrying a $69.00 price tag.