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Apple Accused Of “Nicking” Idea Used To Launch iPhone 6

Apple Accused Of "Nicking" Idea Used To Launch iPhone 6

The company who has on several occasions been accused of stealing ideas for their own use, has this time upset the team at OK Go who presented a concept to Apple only for it to be rejected. 

Then to their horror the same concept was used yesterday to launch the new Apple iPhone 6 and Smart Watch  

The Group claim that Apple stole the concept behind its “Perspective” ad that was used to introduce yesterday’s press event.

OK Go, band manager Andy Gershon claims that Apple openly stole the idea.

 The Apple video features a camera tracking around a white room where shapes turn into text when seen from the right angle. OK Go, released a video in June for the song “The Writing’s On the Wall,” based on the same concept. 

Apple even hired the same director to make their video.

Apple has faced a number of complaints about plagiarism in the past, at least two of which mirror the current situation. 

In 2006, an Apple TV ad closely resembled a music video for a US Postal Service song, and MTV notes that Apple hired the same director.

 An ad for the first-generation iPhone was based on the work of filmmaker Christian Marclay, who said he was approached by Apple but chose not to give permission for his work to be imitated.

Gershon claims that the band is considering legal options as they pitched the idea in private.

A non-disclosure agreement hasn’t been produced yet.

Apple has not commented on the claim.