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EA Sports NHL 16 Now Available In Oz

EA Sports NHL 16 Now Available In OzXbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers can now get their hands on a copy of NHL 16, which EA states has been built with more fan involvement than ever, “delivering the most requested features, modes, and new levels of depth and innovation to each experience”.

Over 180,000 fans participated in the first ever EA Sports Hockey League beta, with feedback from the trial, combined with top forum requests, social channels and Ask NHL, seeing key additions made to the game.

NHL 16 comes with a number of playing options, with gamers having the choice of six versus six Online Team Play, Online Couch Co-op, or EASHL, delivering a new player class system for a more competitive and balanced experience.

Meanwhile, single player modes include a new Be A Pro progression system, where how gamers play shapes who they become in the NHL. Be A GM introduces an all-new morale management feature, while gamers can also play through single player offline seasons in Hockey Ultimate Team.

An all-new On-Ice Visual Trainer and smarter Coach Feedback teach new players how to learn the fundamentals and give returning players tips on how to build on their NHL skills.

“We’ve worked closer with our fans than ever before to truly understand what they wanted in this year’s game,” Sean Ramjagsingh, EA Sports NHL senior producer, commented.

“The team is incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished with NHL 16 and we can’t wait for fans to get their hands on the finished product they helped shape.”