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The Best TV In The World Has Been Launched In OZ, Its OLED And Made By LG

The Best TV In The World Has Been Launched In OZ, Its OLED And Made By LG

Each year for the past 10 years, a group of highly-regarded TV reviewers, top ISF-certified calibrators, enthusiastic videophiles, and an interested public have converged at Value Electronics in Scarsdale, NY to pit the industry’s best TVs against each other and pick a winner.

 The winners in the past have been from the likes of Panasonic with their plasma range as well as the likes of Pioneer and their Kuro engine which was credited for delivering the best plasma TV picture in the world by leading TV reviewers. 

Plasma is now dead and buried with the top end gong now going to LG and their all new OLED 55″ and 65″ TV’s which were introduced today at Harry Seidler Penthouse in Milsons Point NSW.  

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What put the new OLED over the top this year was the same thing that cinched the top prize for last year’s LG 55-inch 1080p OLED: perfect blacks. 

Sitting in a darkened room looking at an image of outback stars wrapped around the 65″ LG OLED TV one suddenly realises just how good this new LG offering really is. Blacks are seriously black and the grey stars that even on the best backlight LED Ultra High Definition TV’s disappear into the background are easily distinguishable on this new OLED offering. 

The screen of the EG960T offers perfect black and striking vivid colours. 

 The EG960T series which consists of a 65″ and 55″ model also comes with features and innovations that LG TV’s have become renowned for, including the newly improved Smart TV operating system, webOS 2.0 – plus a 6-Step Ultra HD Upscaler Engine -all of which are packaged in one seriously slim TV that one only has to see to realise that there is a difference at the top end of the market.

In the New York TV shootout which is followed by some of the seriously hard core TV reviewers because of the high calibre of the judges skills it was  factors such as Black Level, Contrast, Colour Accuracy, Off-Axis performance (viewing on either side of the centre sweet spot), Screen Uniformity (is the backlight or pixel emissiveness in the case of OLED even across the entire screen)

Motion Clarity, and Daylight Viewing capability in a well-lit room also got the new LG OLED TV over the line ahead of some impressive competitors including top end models from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. 

The LG OLED TV topped the results in terms of black level, perceived contrast, and off-axis performance and non-calibration professionals give the LG a top score for motion clarity.

LG has already sold 6,000 OLED TV’s in Australia now there is a model that delivers 30,000 hours or 10 years of top end OLED viewing. 

Pricing and Availability

While initial availability will be limited to a number of stores to start, it is expected that the rollout will expand into more stores towards the end of the year. 

The LG 65-inch 65EG960T- a 2015 CES award winner – is available for RRP $9,999, while the 55-inch model (55EG960T) will sell for RRP $5,999.