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New Lenovo 900 Takes On Expensive Surface Pro 4

New Lenovo 900 Takes On Expensive Surface Pro 4

Compounding this the top end model is set to be incredible expensive with the 1TB Intel iCore 7 model set to cost over $4,000.

Yesterday Lenovo revealed pricing for their new  Lenovo Yoga 900, which is a convertible device that ships with Windows 10 and Intel Skylake internals.

The Lenovo YOGA 900 is priced from AUD$2,199 and will be available on www.lenovo.com starting October. 

JB Hi Fi, Officeworks and Harvey Norman will also sell the new device. 

The Yoga 900 which replaces the Yoga Pro 3 can be used as a traditional laptop, a tablet or a propped up display in tent mode.

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Improving on its predecessor, however, the Yoga 900 ditches Intel’s low-powered Core M chip for the Intel’s latest and greatest Skylake line, offering a choice of i5 or i7 Core processors. 

The new notebook has a 13in 3200×1800 resolution display the same as last year’s model, but offers a more spacious keyboard and roomier trackpad than those seen on the Yoga Pro 3.

 It also ships with 16GB of storage, up to a 512GB SSD, JBL stereo speakers with Dolby Audio, and a bigger battery that Lenovo claims will offer eight hours of life.

 Lenovo Yoga 900 runs Windows 10, taking advantage of the Continuum feature that lets users switch between keyboard and tablet modes more easily.

Pricing for the Surface Pro 4 is more than double the cost of the entry-level Core i5, 128GB Surface Book. A similar speced notebook from Acer Lenovo and Asus is around $3,000.

The Surface Pro 4 pricing is exactly the same as a fully-specced 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro with Retina.