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Panasonic Slow Juicer Creates Healthy Frozen Desserts

Panasonic Slow Juicer Creates Healthy Frozen DessertsPanasonic states that while traditional juicers cut and spin food, its Slow Juicer “presses and squashes fruits and vegetables – like a mortar – avoiding damage to nutrients and limiting the heat and air exposure”.

“Juices maintain their natural colour and great taste, and also take longer to separate,” Panasonic states of the slow juicing process.

In addition to making slow juices, the Slow Juicer features a “chill out” function – users freeze their fruit and vegetables, and when ready can add the frozen attachment to the juicer, dropping the fruit and vegetables in to create icy desserts and sorbets.

“The new Panasonic Slow Juicer is perfect for the warmer months, catering for health-conscious consumers by allowing them to enjoy the benefits of their favourite fruits and vegetables in a new, versatile way,”

Belinda Toner, Panasonic Australia product marketing manager, small appliances, commented.

“Summer is when we’re more conscious of eating healthier and leading more active lifestyles. Our Slow Juicer is the perfect accessory for those consumers who want to quickly whip up a fresh juice or a delicious frozen dessert.”

Sporting a compact and sleek design, the Slow Juicer features a stainless steel juicing screw and a low-speed motor, which Panasonic states extracts juice from a wide range of produce, including frozen or harder foods such as ginger root, and comes with an anti-drip cap, juice beaker, pulp beaker and an attachment for frozen functions.

Recipe ideas can be found here.

The Slow Juicer is available now, priced at $349 RRP.

Slow Juicer features:

– Stainless steel blade and finish
– Low-speed motor at 45 rpm
– Continuous operation at 150 W for 15 minutes
– Frozen attachment
– Anti-drip spout cap
– Rotating wiper to prevent clogging
– Dishwasher safe