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eSOLD.com.au Lets You Click And Collect

eSOLD.com.au Lets You Click And Collect

eSOLD’s  strategic consultant, Mark Freidin, said the number of registered users that get to the checkout point and then abandon the sale has typically been around the 7 per cent mark, so by making this change of being able to collect their own goods, the company expects this figure to drop.

“We expect this figure to drop now that Click and Collect is in place,” Freidin said. Recent information from Forrester Research in the US suggests that on average, a much higher figure of 67 per cent of all sales are abandoned at checkout. 

eSOLD’s database was alerted to the Click and Collect move earlier last week. One of the first customer’s to take advantage of the feature was a woman collecting furniture which would have cost $47 to deliver. “Today’s my day off, I live near here and this was just so convenient,” she said. 

David Lamprecht, eSOLD’s general manager, said: “Our customers are much more loyal than many other online retailers and our innovative approach to customer focus ensures they will continue to remain loyal.” 

“I think it also shows that consumers are getting to understand that just like buying a fridge from a bricks and mortar retailer, in most cases they charge for delivery, so it is really no different,” he added.

Lamprecht said Click and Collect was also aimed at those customer who saw a deal on the site and wanted it straight away. “It will be interesting to see how it works over Christmas and what items consumers want to pick up, especially after the 15th of December when online sales traditionally drop off. We have given ourselves an extra week of sales in December with Click and Collect.” 

Lamprecht said another reason to test Click and Collect was because eSOLD had recently moved into furniture. “We think some people will want to come and collect their furniture rather than have it delivered. We should know whether that is the case fairly soon.” 

eSOLD has been active in looking at different avenues and earlier this year it opened its first bricks and mortar store in Swanston Street, later moving to a larger store in Little Collins Street, Melbourne. For more information, go to eSOLD