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Sonance Provides The Sound For Summer Parties

Sonance Provides The Sound For Summer Parties

A Sonance representative says homeowners often use audio products that aren’t equipped for delivering quality acoustics in an open air setting and so the sound doesn’t work well. If speakers are incorrectly 
placed, they provide uneven sound coverage, causing disruption to conversations among party guests leaving ‘cold spots’ in other areas. 

Specifically designed for outdoor entertaining, the SonArray SR1 provides crisp, clear audio suitable for high and low volumes. Sonance says for the best possible listening experience, strategically disperse the speakers throughout the outdoor entertaining area and install a selection of speakers low to the ground, preferably within the garden foliage – while mounting others on higher levels such as tree branches or balconies. 

Purpose-built to withstand the elements, the SonArray SR1 has a durable and waterproof design, making it OK to use in rain, hail or shine. Finished to a neutral earth tone, the SonArray SR1 blends in seamlessly in garden beds and among plants. 

Sonance says the SonArray SR1 delivers high quality and consistent sound coverage of up to 186 square metres, depending on property layout. 

Other key features include: eight satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer; easy to use and install; compatible with a standard AV receiver; 8 ohm system; and frequency response 40Hz-20kHz +/-3dB. 

The SonArray SR1 retails for $3,695. For stockist enquiries go to Amber Technology.