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Consumers Tap Into Au e-Tailers

Consumers Tap Into Au e-Tailers“Almost half of all Australian SMEs that sold online reported mainly selling to local customers,” said James Ciuffetelli, GM Yellow Pages Sales. 

“With e-commerce offering customers the opportunity to purchase in a global marketplace, it is interesting to see strong interest in Australian businesses from local consumers.” 
He added: “This is fantastic news for Australian SMEs.”
About 84 percent of online SME businesses reported selling to customers in the same city or town. Fifty-two percent of online businesses reported selling to customers within their state and 53 percent to customers interstate. 
Only 26 percent sell to overseas customers. Some 69 percent of SMEs with Web sites reported that having a site improved the effectiveness of their business, mainly by increasing the exposure of their business. 
Said Ciuffetell: “The report highlights the importance of having an e-business presence for SMEs, to reach the bulk of their customers”. 
The research also found that a quarter of SMEs were dissatisfied with the upload and download speed of their Internet service. 
And it found the average amount that Australians consumers spent online in the past 12 months was $2600 – down by $600 from a year ago as confidence in the economy fell among consumers.
Despite the overall drop in spending, males have been making more purchases online, spending on average $3100 compared to $2100 for females. Clothing, accessories and shoes are the most popular products being bought online, with 53 percent of respondents saying they had bought at least one of each in the past year.
Airline tickets were the second most popular item, with a 52 percent hit rate. Books came in third, at 49 percent; hotel reservations at 48 percent; and music at 42 percent.
Cosmetics and groceries, which came in at 17 and 15 percent respectively, were the least bought products on the Internet, but the report noted that all items had experienced growth in sales in the past year.
When it came to the devices that Australians are using to buy goods online, tablets were almost as popular as smartphones. Some 27 percent of those making online purchases did so on a tablet, versus 30 percent on mobile phones.