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65% Of Aussies Rank TV Main News Source

Latest numbers from Roy Morgan reveal over 13 million Australians (65.6%) consider TV their main source of news, with over 12.6 million (62.3%) citing free-to-air TV.

Research claims 7.5 million Australians (36.7%) believe TV is the most trusted sources of news, ahead of other traditional or digital media.

Around 11.7 million Aussies (57.8%) consider the internet their main source of news, with social media ranked the leading source of online news by 7.5 million (36.7%).

According to Roy Morgan, 5.5 million (27.3%) residents “mainly” get their news via newspaper or other news websites/apps, with printed newspapers used by 6.3 million (31.1%).

Around 9.2 million Australians (45.5%) consider radio their primary news source.

Whilst TV is voted the most trusted news source by Australians (36.7%), radio trails in second place (15.9%), followed by news and newspaper websites/apps (12.3%), and printed newspapers (11.2%).

Only 4.3% of Australians consider a social media their most trusted news source, aligning with previous reports.

Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine, claims digital media – such as social media – has put a premium on ‘trust’ in the media.

“Roy Morgan’s research into ‘trust’ and distrust’ in media has shown traditional media outlets such as the ABC, SBS and Fairfax have a higher degree of trust than newer forms of media represented by social media.”

“In this challenging environment it is crucial for traditional media brands which have established their online presence to maintain and develop the trusted relationship that their audiences have with those brands.”

Further information is available on Roy Morgan’s website here.

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