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Noise Is Impacting Productivity But It Can Be Turned Into A Big Revenue Earner Claims Jabra

Noise and the proliferation of noise, is set to be a big earner for Companies such as Jabra whose expertise is not only eliminating noise, but helping users of their headphones to hear better, increase productivity while also getting great listening enjoyment.

Personal productivity and getting a better return from what you do every day, could well come from what you place on your head or stick in your ear.

According to leading audio Company Jabra and the Wall Street Journal between 2005 and 2015 the time spent on work and commute have fallen Leisure time risen and we are sleeping more.

As for productivity growth per year, mobile devices are taking over our lives with productivity falling from 3.2% in the 1950’s to 1970’s to a mere 0.1% today.

At the same time noise and the use of technology devices is impacting productivity.

Noise is also also a security threat.

Take a call centre, how many times have you heard the conversation of another call centre consultant when making a call to your bank or telco, the odd account number or password or some private information.

The chances are high according to Jabra due to the use of poor headphones that don’t cancel out background noise.

Jabra is changing all that with a new range of Engage headphones that Australian banks and Government departments have taken to in an effort to eliminate noise, protect customers confidential information and increase productivity according to Jabra Marketing Director Sid Rashid.

Known for their top end consumer and business headphones Jabra is pioneering new products in partnership with Companies like Red Bull who are now using wind resistant recording microphones developed by Jabra to record dare devil conversations.

At a AusContact Association conference this week in Sydney Rashid raised the question ‘With all the technology available to us, why do we increasingly feel time poor?’

He said that research reveals that ‘Today, the average person touches their phone 2,617 times per day’ and that Noise, Information overload and navigating our way through the complexity of life today is a key issue for brands such as Jabra.

Noise he claims creates “friction with our digital “interactions”.

Due in part to the fact that “humans are only able to process 1.6 sensory inputs at the same time”.

He claimed that today we all have to master a new discipline called ‘Mult Switching’ and that includes such day to day activities as customer calling, texting friend, attending meetings calling a supplier to listening to a podcast or enjoying Miles Davis or watching a video on BuzzFeed”

He describes this as noise in our daily lives.

Brink Lindsey, Author of Human Capitalism said Are you challenged to keep pace with the growing complexity of the world around us, have we have stretched our cognitive capabilities far beyond the norms of times past.”

The bottom line is that consumer habits are changing and eliminating noise whether be call centre noise or the noise around us is important which is why Jabra are developing a new range of noise cancelling headphones for both business and personal use.

He said that on average an agent 37 calls every day
Performs calls primarily from the desk
Customer satisfaction is KPI for 47% of agents

Key pain points – The Agent
Noise – 73% reports that noise negatively affects their productivity
Interruptions – 39% reports that interruptions from colleagues negatively affect their productivity
Too many calls – 39% of agents report that large amount of calls impact their ability to be productive

Key pain points – The Decision Maker
Enable users to make superior calls
Enable users to focus on calls
Proactively support agents to deliver customer satisfaction
To overcome a lot of these problems Jabra is set to release the Jabra 50.

This is a unique, 3-microphone system that filters out background noise and breathing sounds, giving callers a superior experience.

The stereo sound and super wideband give vibrant, lifelike conversations – with the highest levels of hearing protection for users claim Jabra.

The Engage 50 leverages Jabra software for a smarter way to overcome noise. With live on-screen microphone guidance for agents, and rich call analytics for the business, the Engage 50 helps deliver better-sounding calls across the board.

They also claim that these headphones are built for soft call usage whether via a PC or USB C device.

The features a category-first USB-C for easy connection to PC and mobile devices, and with USB-A connectivity available as an accessory.

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