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Panasonic OZ To Announce Home Powerpack Deal Next Week

Panasonic OZ To Announce Home Powerpack Deal Next Week

According to Panasonic Australia sources the Company is set to deliver a 6.8kWh PV-battery storage system after AGL Energy cut a deal with AU Optronics to deliver a 7.2kWh system in Australia. Also competing to be a supplier in Australia is LG.

A partnership deal will be announced next week. 

Earlier this month Elon Musk the owner of US Company Tesla announced his long-expected battery pack for homes. As exclusively tipped by ChannelNews the Panasonic Corporation is partnering with Telsa to develop the technology. 

“No incremental CO2 is the future we need to have,” Musk said, during the battery packs’ launch, advocating that charging his new products with solar energy is the way to go.

The Telsa battery packs come in two flavours.

The Power wall is intended for domestic use, is a 130 cm x 86 cm x 18 cm rechargeable lithium ion battery boasting liquid thermal control and capacity of 10 kilowatt hours for US$3,500

. There’s also a 7 kWh version for $3000. Both can deliver 2.0 kW continuously with a 3.3 kW peak. Tesla offers a ten year warranty on the device and is willing to extend that by another decade.

The 10 kWh model is billed as backup for when the grid goes down, the 7 kWh model is suggested for daily loads. Up to nine Power walls can be assembled into a sin

Panasonic is a partner with Tesla in the development of a massive “giga-factory”, the first large scale battery storage manufacturing plant in the world. 

Panasonic describes their 1.4m x 96.6cm x 27.8cm system as “the perfect complement to existing and new solar systems on residential buildings”.

Panasonic who are struggling to hold onto share in the TV market in Australia appears to be moving to be more of a B2B Company than a consumer electronics Company say analysts.