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New HTC Marketing Boss Admits Mistakes Were Made In The Past

New HTC Marketing Boss Admits Mistakes Were Made In The Past

Idris Mootee is spearheading the launch of the new HTC One M9 which is an innovative Android smartphone that deserves its premium status he claims.

While Samsung is taking pot shots at the Apple iPhone 6 Idris Mootee is reshaping the marketing of the HTC brand to position it as an innovative smartphone that hits several sweet spots, from the design and materials of the device, to the 20.7 megapixel camera, to the 24bit sound system to the unique software that delivers several capabilities not found in the iPhone 6 or the new Samsung Galaxy 6. 

“We have made mistakes in the past but that is behind us. Today we are marketing the new M9 with the campaign ‘You Have One Life. So Live It in Style!'” he said. 

“There is a lot of noise out there a lot of clutter around smartphones and brands, we have to cut through this, we have a lot going for us with the new M9 and that makes our proposition far more compelling” he said.

He claimed that consumers today like quality products and that HTC is a premium smartphone brand which makes his marketing task easier. 

Standing next to HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang on the HTC stand at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Mootee said the future looked bright for HTC who is also moving into fitness tracking devices, cameras and Virtual Reality” headsets. 
Discussing the new HTC Re he let one piece of information out of the bag when he acknowledged that future models of the HTC action camera will have an on off power switch after users complained about the device always staying on. 

 Wang who played a key role in hiring Mootee, the former CEO of Idea Couture, and a design firm headquartered in Toronto that specialises in wearable technology interactive design and research said that she was confident that HTC will grow market share off the back of the One M9 launch.

His predecessor Benjamin Ho, departed the company in July after a disastrous multimillion dollar marketing campaign featuring ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey, Jr.

After spending a billion dollars on the campaign Ho failed to secure the global rights to Downey Jnr resulting in the Australian operation not being able to take advantage of the pulling power of ‘Iron Man’.
Between the exit of Ho and the hiring of Mootee Cher Wang, the company chairwoman, managed the top marketing role.

Last month, HTC posted a slim operating profit, along with $1.5 billion in revenue, after two years of consecutive losses. The company is confident that the problems of the past are behind them.

An Optus executive at the WMC said that they were confident that the M9 will prove popular when it goes on sale in April.

“It really is a premium smartphone when you look around at what is on offer at MWC, it really stands out because it is built from premium materials.