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Turnbull: Untimed Local Calls To Remain

Turnbull: Untimed Local Calls To RemainTurnbull has stated the government has no plans to remove the 22 cent standard local call, following a report in The Daily Telegraph that the government was set to consider requests by telcos to axe the laws.

The Daily Telegraph had obtained a briefing paper, revealing the government would consider removing the requirement.

Turnbull told radio station 3AW, while he had seen a draft of the briefing paper, it is not something the government will proceed with.

“There will be no change to that regulation at all,” Turnbull commented. “The requirement to offer untimed local calls will continue, there won’t be any change there.”

Turnbull noted the communications landscape has changed with the introduction of new technologies and the prevalence of unlimited call packages offered by telcos.

“Now untimed local calls are not as big a deal as they were many years ago, because, of course, most packages have unlimited local and indeed national calls often,” he told 3AW. “And, of course, a lot of people call over-the-top using Skype or WhatsApp or whatever. So technology has moved on a bit.”