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5G Smartphones A Reality For 2019-Intel Developing New 5G Modems

5G smartphones could become a reality by mid-2019, with Intel Corporation announcing its new XMM 8000 5G Modem series. The XMM 8000 series of 5G modems will be used in a variety of different devices besides smartphones including automobiles, PC’s, and consumer precise equipment.

The new XMM 8060 which is the first model of the 8000 series should hit store shelves sometime mid-2019. Intel has promised the device will have multi-mode functionality. It is rumoured to be compatible with non-standalone (NSA) and standalone SA configurations for 5G; legacy mobile networks, sub-6GHz spectrum bands, as well as millimetre wave (mmWave) networks.

According to Tech Malak, Intel and Apple engineers are currently working to equip a future iPhone with this 5G technology. However, the newest iPhones including the 8, 8 Plus, and X will not be featuring this next-generation wireless communication standard. This is because the first XMM 8000 model will not be available commercially for another couple of years.

Dr. Cormac Conroy, Intel Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Communication and Devices Group has stated that that the move into 5G technology should be smooth.

“Intel is committed to delivering leading 5G multi-mode modem technology and making sure the transition to 5G is smooth,

Our investments in a full portfolio of modem technologies and products are critical to achieving the vision of seamless 5G connectivity.”


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