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The Who Are Coming To Oculus Rift

The Who Are Coming To Oculus RiftThe Guardian has reported the app will launch some time on the Oculus Rift in early 2015.

It is likely to be charged for when it launches, The Guardian reported, although a limited demo may be released to the Oculus developer community before Christmas.

With Facebook purchasing Oculus VR this year, the push is on to bring the headset to market, with recent public comments made by Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe indicating it may not be too long before it is commercially available.

Iribe last week commented that the Oculus Rift may be months away, adding it will be “many months, not just a few months”, The Guardian reported.

“Virtual reality’s been around a long time, but Facebook buying Oculus was a big step – there seems to be a wave where this new technology is finally being able to utilise content in a new and exciting way,” The Guardian reported Geoff Smith, Universal Strategic Marketing head of digital, as stating.

“We are on the cusp of it, so it’s exciting to be working with The Who as it reflects how the band have constantly pushed the boundaries both musically and with technology over their 50 years.”

The app, encompassing a 3D world modelled
on famous landmarks and moments in the life of the band, has also launched as a free download on Android and iOS.