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Danger Of ‘Laundry Detergent Pods’ in ACCC Spotlight

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Known as ‘laundry pods’ these capsules contain highly concentrated liquid detergent in water soluble wrappers that release on contact with moisture. Only a small amount of saliva or pressure will burst one of these pods releasing the contents into a child’s mouth.

ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said, “Laundry capsules are small and often colourful, making them attractive to young children. Yet the damage they can cause may be shocking”.

The ACCC has been working with the industry since 2012 on this safety issue and has jointly established an industry guideline for labelling and packaging of laundry pods.

As part of the international campaign this week, the ACCC is collaborating with international safety organisations in raising awareness of laundry pod safety, including developing a consistent set of safety information for parents and carers worldwide.

These include notes on safe storage, safe use and what to do in the case of exposure.

Information on details of these guidelines can be obtained from the ACCC Product Safety Facebook page and associated ACCC websites.