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TPG Offers $45 FttB Package

TPG Offers $45 FttB Package

The move comes on the back of a new carrier license condition imposed by the Government on would-be NBN competitors. Since last month, TPG has offered the wholesale product boasting download speeds of between 50 and 100Mbps through its AAPT subsidiary.

The sudden introduction of new carrier licence condition in December last year – as the Government sought to protect the NBN against “cherry-pickking” operations, had forced TPG to temporarily suspend retail sales of its FttB product until it could create a wholesale offering.

It has now introduced a fully managed service instead of a strictly Layer 2 offering (which only provides partners with a data link, on top of which they can create their own plans).

The TPG service is available only to “selected” buildings among a claimed 500,000 apartment complexes across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth