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4 In One ‘Qooker’ The Next Big Thing From Samsung

Samsung Electronics is getting into the combo bespoke cooker market with a new product called ‘Qooker” that has four key cooking capabilities including a built-in air fryer and it also toasts crumpets.

And if you find the name confusing Samsung claims it comes from, he word “cooker,” with the letter Q representing “quality” and “quick,”.

Whether Samsung will use the name in Australia is yet to be seen.

Aimed at the work from home market, or as Samsung explains it ‘stay at home trend, the new Bespoke Qooker is a four-in-one product that can serve as a microwave, a grill, an air fryer and a toaster.

Launched in South Korea the new combo cooker is retailing for $699, it has a 22-liter capacity, and four cooking zones inside, allowing users to cook four kinds of food at the same time.

The latest cooking appliance also supports a “scan cook” feature with Samsung’s SmartThings Cooking mobile app, which allows users to have the right settings for pre-prepared meals by just scanning the packaging’s barcode.

With this feature, any kind of food can be cooked within 18 minutes, according to Samsung.

The South Korean tech giant said it worked with eight major food companies to develop its scan cook algorithms and establish new services.

Working with these Companies Samsung has introduced 117 recipes for their new cooker with some ready to launch meal kits and HRM products dedicated only for Samsung’s new cooking appliance.

Samsung said it will partner with more food and service companies worldwide to expand its ecosystem for the Bespoke Qooker.