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Apple Increases Chip Order To Ward Off iPhone Delays

Apple has increased its order of A15 chips to over 100 million, in an effort to meet its own launch deadline.

The next iteration of the iPhone is expected to be released in the current quarter — pundits are predicting a September 14 release date — but has been hampered by the ongoing flooding in Zhengzhou, where three Foxconn factories manufacture over half the iPhones in the world.

The A15 chips are made by Taiwanese semiconductor giant TSMC, and the increased order comes after an initial parts order increased from 75 million to 90 million earlier this year.

Apple only ordered 75 million A14 chips for the iPhone 12 at pre-launched, suggesting high expectations for its new phone.

This comes after Apple celebrated record-breaking revenues of $65.6 billion in the June quarter, despite worldwide chip shortages.

According to CNBeta, the A15 chip will have a six-core CPU: two high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores.

The iPhone 13 is expected to drop on September 14.


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