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Samsung Enlists Game Of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn For Tab S2 Campaign

Samsung Enlists Game Of ThronesThe campaign, “The Screen Worthy of the Things You Love”, developed by Samsung with its creative agency Leo Burnett Sydney, is designed to highlight “the rich, immersive viewing experience delivered by the Galaxy Tab S2 super AMOLED screen”. It features Nairn turning and confronting the viewer for daring to watch his work on another screen.

Samsung states 30 and 60-second versions will run across national TV, subscription TV and digital channels.

“Beautiful on the outside and powerful on the inside, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 delivers an exceptional viewing experience thanks to the immersive, super AMOLED display,” Prasad Gokhale, Samsung vice president, mobile division, commented.

“We’re thrilled to feature Kristian Nairn in our campaign, which reinforces that the Tab S2 is the tablet worthy of your favourite content.”

The campaign features a device-specific targeted approach in its digital form, with Samsung and Leo Burnett having created various versions of the film, in which Nairn recognises the specific device viewers are watching the video on, such as a tablet, smartphone or desktop, breaking character as he speaks to them.

“This campaign is not just telling a story about a screen, rather, we tell the story through the screen,” Grant McAloon, Leo Burnett joint-executive creative director, commented.

“The power of the idea comes from the device-targeted approach to media and understanding the way people increasingly engage with different content, from sport to entertainment, across different devices.”