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Epson To Release 300 Inch Full HD TV screen Projectors + Printers With Two Year Ink Life

Epson To Release 300 Inch Full HD TV screen Projectors + Printers With Two Year Ink Life

Today they own a treasure trove of projector and printer patents. This week the Company revealed a new class of printer called The EcoTank Series which allows users to only have to top up every two years. 

The Company is also set to release several new projectors that project big 4K images a move that could see consumers feed content from a Bluetooth smartphone or set top box to a large screen. 

The five new EcoTank series printers look like normal models, only they have containers on their sides that hold two years of ink, so instead of selling cheap $49 printers that gobble through cartridges the Company is set to go back to selling $600 printers that take away that fear of running out of ink just when you need a document. 

Epson is now promising you’ll get up to two years of printing before you have to buy more ink. And then, you’ll refill the tank with ink bottle that cost around $19.

The $600 printer in Epson’s new line-up will print 8,500 pages with the two sets of ink bottles that come with the printer.

The new range of projectors include value-priced home-cinema projectors that come with new technology that has significantly improved picture quality, Epson is hoping that they can woo consumers away from flat-panel displays. 

In home cinema, their two new 3D-capable 1080p 3LCD front projectors could appeal to Australian sports fans due to the improved dynamic contrast ratios of 35,000:1, improved white and colour brightness of 2,200 lumen as well as improved image processing, and frame interpolation to smooth the action for sports programs and video games. 

The two new projectors are set to sell for sub $900.

These capabilities haven’t been available from Epson home cinema projectors before at prices of less than $1,000, said Jason Palmer, senior marketing manager for home entertainment, during a press event this week. 

 Improved image processing includes noise reduction and detail enhancement, the company said. 

The focus on image quality at a value price will help expand the projector market to appeal to flat-panel TV buyers who might have otherwise shied away from value projectors because of picture quality, he explained.

 The models, which project images up to 762 centimetres or 300 inches diagonally, feature the company’s 3LCD technology to deliver equal doses of white and colour brightness, rated in lumens, to deliver colour-brightness levels that are up to three times higher than competing models currently being sold in Australia.