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Google Forced To Pull Android TV Player

Google Forced To Pull Android TV Player

The decision to pull the device from their online store came after several hundred preorders had been taken, the company abruptly ceased sales of the device, noting that since the device had not yet been approved by the US Federal Communications Commission.

Where Google’s Chromecast HDMI stick relies on an external device to “push” it content, the Nexus Player is more of a standalone device. The Nexus Player is a 1.8Ghz quad-core Intel Atom processor, and 802.11ac wireless networking. Video out is 1920×1080 through HDMI, and the peripheral ships with a remote with voice search, similar to that on the Amazon Fire TV box. 

The Nexus Player is Google’s first device to use Android TV. Content providers announced in the USA are Hulu, Netflix, and a few other networks. Google Play apps can be loaded on the device for expanded media player functionality, like Plex.

Electronista has learned that FCC approval is expected imminently. A Google spokesperson familiar with the matter told us that “we are expecting the device to return to the Google Play store very rapidly.”