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Hi Fidelity But The Prices Are Down

Hi Fidelity But The Prices Are Down

This Series follows in the footsteps of the flagship S3000 Series launched last year (comprising of the award-winning A-S3000 Integrated Stereo Amplifier and the matching CD-S3000 CD/SACD player). The A-S2100 Stereo Amplifier is luxurious 
looking with wooden side panels, balanced XLR inputs, original heavy-duty binding posts, and VU meters featured on its fascia.

The big news about the A-S2100 is it’s available at less than half the price of the S3000 Series and this may broaden its appeal and pitch it to a much broader audience than its flagship sibling. Yamaha claims there has been a recent resurgence in popularity of the Hi Fi market with a more people turning to hi-fidelity sound for their home.

Product manager for Yamaha Music Australia’s AV division, Justin D’Offay, said: “The S2100 Series is capable of reproducing the nuances of a live musical performance and embodies the Natural Sound philosophy of the world’s leading 
sound company.”

“The A-S2100 instils the values of Yamaha’s Hi Fi development team with subtle glimpses of this legacy evident in its construction,” he said.

Employing Yamaha’s Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier design, the A-S2100 utilises high-powered MOSFETs throughout its construction to provide a warm and natural sonic character. This original design provides a substantial reduction of noise – both from the ground by floating the entire power amp circuit, and common-mode noise rejection due to its balanced configuration. In addition, the internal layout adopts a symmetrical configuration which physically separates the 
circuitry for left and right channels.

Similarly, the CD-S2100 CD/SACD Player mirrors the aesthetic of the top-of-the-range CD-S3000. Internally, digital and analogue circuitry is separated with independent power supplies for each to eliminate interference and noise between 
them. Block capacitors are mounted directly on the circuit board in an original configuration so as to reduce connection loss, removing cables from the power supply circuit to the circuit board. Additionally, cabling from the transformer 
to each board utilises a screw-type connection without soldering to minimise loss at the contact points.

Featuring ESS Technology’s ES9016 SABRE32 DAC for digital to analogue conversion, the CD-S21000 can be used as an outboard DAC which will appeal to a burgeoning market equipped with high-resolution music files. The ES9016 features 32-bit processing and features its own master clock which enables ESS’ jitter elimination and reinforces the capabilities of the CD-S2100 in delivering what Yamaha claims is accurate and pristine audio.

The A-S2100 and CD-S2100 are available now for $3,999 and $2,999 RRP respectively. A 5 year factory-backed warranty is applicable to both models with two year replacement period. They are available in Silver with Black Gloss or Light Brown wooden side panels, and Black with Black Gloss or Dark Brown wooden side panels.