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Australia Lagging In IOT: Report

Australia Lagging In IOT: Report

The organisation earlier this year set up an Internet of Things (IoT) Think Tank and has now released details of its forthcoming report on IoT in Australia.

Co-author of the report, Frank Zeichner, told a Comms Alliance briefing: “When we look overseas it is evident that our peers and our customers are more advanced in their IoT strategy than we are. You can read it; you can see it. Here there is nothing.”

Comms Alliance’s final report, due in September or October, will recommend Australia set a goal that, by mid 2016, the nation has an active IoT community on par with international developments.

The draft report makes 10 recommendations, the primary one being that Australia develop a national IoT strategy that includes regulatory and policy settings to “drive IoT leadership, alignment, awareness and opportunity initially within sectors, and longer-term across sectors.”

Zeichner said the study had identified a lack of data sharing as the biggest impediment to development of an IoT industry in Australia. – Stuart Corner