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Sharp Air Purifiers A Breath Of Fresh Air

Sharp Air Purifiers A Breath Of Fresh AirTo obtain some relief from all of these air pollutants, Sharp has a range of Air Purifiers and Ion Generators, incorporating Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology.

The PCI technology helps break down and deactivate harmful airborne substances found in pollen, dust, animal hair, bacteria and allergens, thus reducing the effects of asthma, hay fever and allergies.

Sharp Corporation Australia’s marketing manager, Mark Beard, said: “According to the National Asthma Council, Australia has the second highest prevalence of asthma in the world. One in four children, one in seven teens and one in ten adults are affected.”

“Summer can be a miserable time for asthma and allergy sufferers, but this technology enables us to reduce the triggers from the air around us,” he added.

Sharp’s PCI technology creates a shower of positive and negatives ions, similar to those found in the outdoors, naturally. Large concentrations of these Plasmacluster Ions are released to every corner of a room helping to clean and refresh the air.

Sharp’s Ion Generators with PCI technology, improve air quality, while Sharp’s Air Purifiers combine air filtering plus air purification with the PCI technology.

A special Pollen Mode in this new range of Sharp’s Air Purifiers, regulates the speed of the fan operation, alternating between high and medium mode, to maximise pollen collection.

These Sharp Air Purifiers range in price from $329 to $689, while the Sharp Ion Generators are priced from $164 for an in-car generator, to $629 for larger models. Sharp Air Purifiers and Ion Generators with PCI technology are available from selected retailers.

For more information regarding Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers and Ion Generators with PCI technology visit www.sharp.net.au