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2014 Sony TVs To Lose Netflix App

Sony has revealed that from July 24, 2014 Sony TVs will have the Netflix app removed.

It’s up to Netflix to stop its support on older TVs, however, it’s up to the TV manufacturer to keep the platform up to date or not.

This decision arises from Sony’s discontinued support on these older TVs, making it difficult for Netflix to maintain support for the app on older software.

It’s not the first time Netflix has been removed. Several older Sony TVs lost access earlier this year, “due to technical limitations,” according to Sony.

Last year, Sony announced Netflix would cease to work on its 2011-2013 TVs and Blu-Ray players.

This month, the company said, “Starting July 24, 2024, the Netflix app will no longer be supported on some 2014 BRAVIA televisions (Affected Models). You can continue to use the Netflix app until July 23, 2024.”

Those losing access will still be able to use the service up until July 24. There are, however, a range of alternatives, including the Google Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which bypass the main interface of the TV and allow access to apps such as Netflix.

May 3, 2017, Barnaul Russia. A young man watches Netflix on his TV and at home.

The change is said to be affecting all regions. Below are the affected 2014 Sony models:

  • S9 Series: KD-65S9005B, KD-75S9005B
  • W5 Series: KDL-48W585B
  • W6 Series: KDL-40W605B, KDL-48W605B, KDL-60W605B
  • W7 Series: KDL-32W705B, KDL-32W706B, KDL-42W705B, KDL-42W706B, KDL-50W705B, KDL-50W706B
  • W70 Series: KDL-32W705C, KDL-40W705C, KDL-48W705C
  • W8 Series: KDL-42W805B, KDL-42W815B, KDL-42W817B, KDL-42W828B, KDL-42W829B, KDL-50W805B, KDL-50W815B, KDL-50W817B, KDL-50W828B, KDL-50W829B, KDL-55W805B, KDL-55W815B, KDL-55W817B, KDL-55W828B, KDL-55W829B
  • W85 Series: KDL-60W855B
  • W95 Series: KDL-55W955B, KDL-65W955B
  • X85 Series: KD-49X8505B, KD-55X8505B, KD-65X8505B, KD-70X8505B
  • X9 Series: KD-55X9005B, KD-65X9005B, KD-79X9005B
  • X95 Series: KD-65X9505B, KD-85X9505B
  • KDL-60W610B
  • KDL-60W630B
  • KDL-55X830B
  • KDL-65X830B
  • KDL-70X830B
  • XBR-55X800B
  • XBR-65X800B
  • XBR-49X850B
  • XBR-55X850B
  • XBR-65X850B
  • XBR-70X850B
  • XBR-55X900B
  • XBR-65X900B
  • XBR-79X900B
  • XBR-65X950B
  • XBR-85X950B

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