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Two Billion Facebook-Owned Apps Were Downloaded In 2020

2020 was seen as the year of TikTok, but research shows that Facebook was really the winner when it comes to raw numbers, as over two billion Facebook-owned apps were downloaded throughout the year.

Bacancy Technology crunched the numbers, and although TikTok was the number one app, being downloaded 850 million times in 2020, WhatsApp, the second-most downloaded, was downloaded 600 million times, followed by Facebook at 540 million, Instagram at 503 million, and Messenger being downloaded 404 million times.

“Lockdown restrictions and the ‘stay at home’ mantra of 2020 caused many of us to turn to the internet and various apps for entertainment and to indulge in some level of human interaction,” Bacancy’s report explains.

“TikTok’s seemingly endless library of entertainment has clearly captured the attention of millions of people, while the staple social media apps continue to be an integral part of our daily lives.”

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